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The Magick Behind The Star & Om Eco Cafe

Aquarius Star and the Shangri-La Spiritual Center was a visionary creation between two best friends and soul-twin sisters Rev. Lydia Stec DD and Occult Priestess Rev. Korinne Wilson. It became a reality on Final Friday, October 27, 2006. The original business began as a small retail store with a spiritual center to support folks on their spiritual paths no matter what those spiritual paths might be.  Aquarius Star still carries that torch to this day. 

Aquarius Star’s name came from the two long-time magickal friends and sisters who shared the same overall spiritual philosophy, birthday and passion for Tarot reading. Aquarius being the two sisters astrological sign and Star coming from The Star card, which is card 17 of the Major Arcana of the Tarot that is ruled by Aquarius.  

Aquarius Star opened its doors originally in Over-the-Rhine, an urban historic neighborhood of Downtown Cincinnati.  Aquarius Star began to take on a life of its own as the business itself and the community yearned for Aquarius Star to grow and expand. Because of life changing circumstance, the two sisters parted ways as proprietresses and therefore, Rev. Lydia Stec DD moved Aquarius Star to the Clifton Gaslight District in winter 2009 to add Om Café. 

Aquarius Star’s Om Eco Café was a vision presented to Rev. Lydia Stec DD by the great Nordic Goddess Freya in relationship with the great Celtic Goddess Brigit, Jesus Christ and the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan monk Gangkar Tulku Rinpoche. 

Aquarius Star LLC continues to live its values as a diverse place that supports community (local and global), spirituality, social justice, human rights, health and wellness in relationship to Mother Earth. The Grand Opening date in the Clifton Gaslight District, to include Om Eco Café, is October 17, 2009.