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Rev. Lydia Stec DDRev. Lydia Stec DD
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Individual Private Tarot Reading 125.00
Tarot reading is a wonderful way to get in touch with the subconscious parts of yourself. You will receive a 20-30 card spread looking into your recent past, present circumstances and into the future. You will then ask three questions of your choice. This reading usually takes up to an hour.

Create Your Own Tarot Party, Large Group Hourly Rate: 150.00 per hour (two hour minimum) 
Invite your friends, wedding party or co-workers to experience an afternoon or evening of psychic prediction! Consult with Rev. Lydia Stec D.D. to determine the best way to host a party to serve your needs. The host or hostess or guest of honor receives a FREE reading.
Individual Private: 125.00 each (two person minimum)

Psychic Check-up 90.00
Ask three questions of your choice! This reading typically take 30 minutes

Burning Desire 50.00
A one question reading to get that fast and easy answer you seek now! This reading takes 5-10 minutes.

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Bio Rev. Lydia Stec D.D.

Proprietress of Aquarius Star, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Coach

Herbal TalismanHerbal Talisman
What People Are Saying About Lydia's Services

"Lydia developed a herbal talisman for Justice that was designed to promote Justice in an ugly divorce situation. Interestingly, I also had Justice issues in other areas of my life and the talisman aided in those areas as well. The bottom line is that shortly after I followed the process as directed by Lydia, great changes took place in my life after 2.5 years of stagnation. The financial end of the divorce was negotiated (fairly and quickly), the child custody issue was also resolved fairly, and as an added bonus my living situation and my professional situations improved greatly as Justice was an issue with both of those situations".
~ Ann Dinan, Ph.D., M.S.S.A., C.P.C.C.